SUVs Increase Sales as Eco-Cars Fall in July -

It's virtually the joke: SUVs are usually up 15% or perhaps significantly more; frequently eco-cars are usually down 15% or even more. Despite what some throughout New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco Bay Area may well say ("get rid involving these pickup trucks as well as SUVs; you never need them; you really ought certainly not to be allowed to acquire them; you have to buy hybrids and also electric cars instead; we know what is better pertaining to you"), Americans know what kinds associated with cars that they want. That's any 30% spread in the typical case, just eyeballing the final results above.

Despite what the elitists around the coast may want for your vast majority of Americans, many are getting to an increasing diploma SUVs of all sizes.


Prius (hybrid) down 13%

Ford (F - Find Report):


Chevrolet Volt (electric) down 35%

FCA revenue figures. 

Cadillac SRX (SUV) up 47%

4Runner (SUV) up 25%

Fit (eco-car) down 15%

Audi revenue figures. 

Toyota revenue figures. 

Toyota (T - Acquire Report):


All SUVs: Up 68%

All SUVs: Up 28%

Explorer (SUV) up 27%

GM revenue figures.

Honda revenue figures. 

Lexus sales figures. 

Jeep (SUVs): Up 23%

General Motors (GM - get Report):

Highlander (SUV) up 12%

Nissan revenue figures. 

CR-V (SUV) up 11%

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- the July auto sales numbers are in for most of the actual major automakers plus they tell a new surprising tale: sales regarding gas-guzzling SUVs are growing as sales for eco cars tend to be decreasing.

LEAF (electric) down 61%

. As Well As they're telling us on a regular basis with their dollars.

All vehicles: Up 21%

Chrysler (mostly cars): Up 10%


All cars-only: Down 5%


Rogue (SUV) up 51%

C-Max (hybrid) down 36%

Ford revenue figures.

Fiat (eco-cars): Down 15%

I could go on, nevertheless the pattern can be clear: in all of those companies, SUV offerings vastly outperform other cars, eco-cars within particular, whether hybrids, plug-in hybrids or even pure electric cars

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